Bank Verification

All prospective tenants are required to fill out our Rental application, Employment Verification form, and Bank Verification form.  This effort to investigate creditworthiness can only be undertaken with your express and complete signed approval.   If you do not wish to have your credit investigated, please return these papers and look elsewhere for residency.


Please fill out the form below in the area required for you to do so.


To be filled out by the prospective Tenant


My Current Bank’s name, address, phone number, email, and contact person:



My Bank Account Number: ____________.    Other Accounts: ______________.

Date Opened: _____________.

Average Balances (approximately): _____________.


To be filled out by the Bank


Your customer has authorized us to get confirmation of his or her bank account, date opened, and average balances.  Please review the information as listed above and mail or fax this back to us based on the data on our letterhead.


The above facts are true:  ________.  If not, the following facts are true: _____________________________________________________________________.  Any other comments that you believe appropriate: _____________________________.

Attach any standard response you may have to simplify your response.





To be filled out by the prospective Tenant


I authorize the Landlord to conduct a credit investigation for the purposes of being approved as a Tenant in their facility or facilities.  I further authorize my Bank to verify the information I have provided above and to comment on it further to the extent the Bank believes the information is right or wrong.  I hold both the Landlord and my Bank harmless for any claims against them for filling out this form, commenting on the form, or any discussions regarding this form and its subject matter.


________________                                        Date:







Bank Verification

Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation.  If you set this process up as a routine, it will pay off handsomely.  Keep your set of records together so you can easily get the data out.  Faxes make for faster turnaround time for all concerned.


  1. Be sure to have the Tenant sign the approval line to cover any potential liability you or the Tenant’s Bank might have.


  1. Have the Tenant sign multiple originals so you can send one to the Bank and keep one for your own records.



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