Credit Card, Unauthorized or Incorrect Charge



Account Number:

Name on Account:


Dear Sir or Madam:


In reviewing my recent statement, I feel that I have been charged an incorrect or unauthorized amount for the following transaction(s): ____________________________



The correct charge should have been: __________($0.00 for unauthorized; $______ for an “Incorrect” charge).


Please correct my account accordingly.


I have enclosed a copy of my statement with the transaction in question highlighted.


Please contact me if you have need additional information.  Thank you for your usual good service in handling my account!


Best regards,



Account Holder


Enclosure:  Copy of Credit Card Statement


Credit Card, Unauthorized or Incorrect Charge

Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about the document in question and assist you in its preparation.  Prompt notification of unauthorized or incorrect charges to your credit card, or other supplier (this letter can be modified easily for that purpose), will help keep your account in good standing as well as promptly take care of the charge in question.


Most credit card companies, and other suppliers, will put the transaction in suspense, in other words, remove it temporarily from your account, until resolved to their satisfaction.  This means you can generally deduct this amount from any payments, except for minimums, and meet your obligations to the Credit Card Company or supplier.


Keep a record of the transaction until finally disposed of, one-way or the other.



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