Asking ChexSystems to Remove a Listing

ChexSystems is the “credit bureau” for checking accounts; it maintains a database of individuals who have written a number of bad checks. If you get on their list, you won’t be able to open a checking account anywhere in the United States. Keep a copy for your files and send the letter registered mail.

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123 Your Street Address
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Customer Relations
12005 Ford Road Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75234


To Whom It May Concern:

My bank has informed me that there is negative information reported by United Anytown Bank included in the file ChexSystems maintains under my Social Security Number. Upon ordering a copy of the report, I see an entry from this bank listing a “debit card revoked” in March 1997.

I do not recall having a debit card from this bank in 1997.

Please validate this information with United Anytown Bank and provide me with copies of any documentation associated with this “debit card” bearing my signature. In the absence of any such documentation bearing my signature, I ask that this information be immediately deleted from the file you maintain under my Social Security Number.


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