Administrative Services Business Plan

Administrative Services Business PlanIn the business the mass of the services are administrative in nature, whether it is data entry or mailing list updates and so on. So that’s why everywhere Assistant is a new start up to virtual assistant business. These kinds of the services will be billed out at the lower end of the billing spectrum in business.

Assistant identified in the three distinct market segments which will be targeted.

First segment is companies of various sizes. In business climates, there is a wide scale corporate downsizing means that people kept within the company are busier than ever occurrence which is helpful for Everywhere Assistant. Assistant believes that the majority of their sales will come from the companies.

Second customer segment is individuals. In the era of shortage time using a virtual assistant (VA) is one way to create more free time, or at least not have to do tasks that we may not prefer to. It is assumed that the services provided to individuals will be more obeisant comparable to the services provided to companies.
Third customer segment is for non profit organizations. The organizations status as a not for profit do not have excess capital which consequence, they have tried to maximize employee’s tasks and responsibilities as much as possible. Means most employees are quite busy. When a random tasks comes up then they cant handle it because they don’t have employees. This is good for VA’s who can quickly and seamlessly take over tasks which saves the company money as they are only paying for the labor needed to complete the task.
Objectives Administrative Services Business Plan.

• To create more than $35,000 in the first year.
• To develop enough income to make the job full time position.
• Able to decrease the marketing expenses.

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