Sales and Use Tax Exemption

_______________________ hereby certifies that _______________________ has registered under the laws of the state of ___________________ for the collection of sales and use tax, registration number: ___________________.


All purchases shall be for resale and are exempt from sales and use tax under the laws of ___________.


This certificate shall be effective until written notice of revocation.


Dated: _____________________________





For, Buyer


Title: _________________________________

Authorized Officer of Corporation



Sales and Use Tax Exemption

Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document and assist you in its preparation.  This document required by some sellers so they can have, on file, evidence that they are selling products legitimately without collection state sales tax monies.  As the buyer, you need to furnish them with your Sales Tax Exemption number, which, in most cases, is your Federal ID Number.  If one of these certificates is requested, use your Federal ID Number, unless otherwise prohibited by statute; if you are a seller, especially one that often must pay sales tax, then you should obtain be especially vigilant to collect these from your non-tax paying customers.


  1. If you are the buyer, make multiple copies for distribution purposes.  No need to file these anywhere for your own records.
  2. If you are the seller, keep signed copies in a general file and one in each related transaction file for use should your company be audited by state sales tax inspectors.


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