Debt Settlement Letter

Here is a kinder, gentler version of a debt settlement request. Notice that it is asking for a signed version of the agreement before any money is sent. I happen to know that this letter worked for the writer.

Dear Creditor

It has been a pleasure working with you & I thank you for working with me on this. As you are aware, over a year ago I suffered a few setbacks that severely impacted me financially. To the effect that it has led this account to being in state that is in. Unfortunately it has left me with little resources to satisfy this account and a host of other creditors that I am in the same position with.

Going forward, I feel obligated to your company and want to make in effort to settle this for $__ dollars as payment in full. In addition, any references to late payment or charge off regarding this account are removed from my credit file.

If these terms are acceptable to your company, please sign below and return a copy to me. Upon receipt of this acknowledged agreement, I will express you a money order in the amount stated above.

Read, Approved and Accepted by:________________ Date:_____


Your name



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