Cease and Desist Order, Copyright

To: __________________________________________________________


Dated: _________________


_______________ is the author of a copyright work entitled __________. We have been advised of your use of __________.  Pursuant to the federal copyright act, such use is unlawful.


Accordingly, you are notified to cease use of the work, and to make arrangements to surrender all copies of the work within 72 hours.


The copyright code provides for substantial statutory damages and other remedies for infringement.


Should you require any additional information, please contact us in writing.



Yours very truly,






cc Lawyer or other related party, if involved



Cease and Desist Order, Copyright

Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation.  This is a standard first notice requesting a cease and desist action.  This can be modified for a host of other purposes as well.


If this does not bring the promised results, then turn the matter over to your lawyer.  You may be well advised to consult with your lawyer first, especially if you think the ultimate outcome might be litigation.


1.  Make multiple copies.  Give one to each related party.  Keep one in the relevant file.



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