Credit Denial, Request for Clarification-Credit Reports



Name of Creditor Denying Credit:

Address of Creditor Denying Credit:

File Number, if any:


Dear Sir or Madam:                            Reference: Application for Credit Rejected



My request for credit was denied by your firm, or because of your firm’s recommendations and reports, per the information listed above.


In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, I hereby request the following, as I am entitled to, under this Statute and other related regulations:


1.     Full and complete disclosure by you of all reasons for the denial of credit by your firm.


2.     Specifics of the information upon which the denial of credit was based; and


3.     The name, address, and any other useful contact information of the credit reporting agency or agencies which provided you with the information upon which you based your reason for denying me credit.


Thank you for your prompt assistance in this matter so I can work diligently to be sure the records are accurate and help me become a better credit risk in the future.


Best regards,



Creditor denied credit


Enc.  Credit Rejection Letter


Credit Denial, Request for Clarification-Credit Reports

Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about the document in question and assist you in its preparation.  Once again, an organized approach is the best way to get the best results.  You can call creditors and make similar requests.  However, transcription errors and such tend to cut down the proper responses to less than you would like.  Better to send a formal letter, making copies, so you have a set of documents to follow up with if second or third notices are required.  If this becomes necessary, we recommend you just make that notation on the copy of the first letter.  This makes a bigger impression.  Firm, clear, and to the point.


This is a sales letter.  You are trying to influence the recipient to respond to your letter promptly.  Being nice helps in that regard as well as reflecting well upon you.  Attaching the credit turn down letter prevents delay caused by them having to request a copy and encourages them to respond promptly to this organized request.


Be sure the party turned down signs the letter.  A spouse or other family member signature will not be sufficient.  The writer should sign exactly as his or her name appears on the credit rejection letter (for example, using or deleting middle initials as done in the letter).  Keep a copy until at least you receive a response from the recipient.


Three Major US Credit Reporting Agencies



P.O. Box 740256

Atlanta, GA 30374-0256



Trans Union Corporation

P.O. Box 34012

Fullerton, CA 92634-4012




P.O. Box 2106

Allen, TX 75002-2106





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