Banner Towing, Aerial

_________________________, referred to as ADVERTISER, and _________________________, referred to as AIR CARRIER, agree:


AIR CARRIER shall provide aerial banner towing for ADVERTISER under the terms and conditions herein:

Length of banner: _________________________

Type of banner: _________________________

Weight of banner: _________________________

Dates for towing: _________________________

Time(s) for towing: _________________________

Route for towing: _________________________


ADVERTISER shall provide copy and advertising materials to AIR CARRIER at least ________________ days prior to the first scheduled tow. AIR CARRIER shall, consistent with applicable regulations and operations requirements, fabricate a banner in accordance with the specifications stated above.


ADVERTISER shall indemnify AIR CARRIER for all copyright, trademark or other intellectual property claims by others, and represents to AIR CARRIER that it is authorized to use the art or banner provided for public advertising.


AIR CARRIER shall diligently attempt to tow the banner upon the schedule provided above in strict accordance with all applicable regulations and its licenses to operate. However, in the event that, in AIR CARRIER’s sole discretion, any scheduled tow cannot be safely accomplished due to weather, regulatory or other operational conditions, AIR CARRIER shall not be required to operate such flights (such conditions preventing operation due to weather, regulatory or other conditions shall be referred to as “operational conditions”).


AIR CARRIER shall at all times maintain public liability insurance/aviation public liability with minimum limits of $___________ (_______________________________________________ &

_____/100 dollars) with a licensed carrier or carrier(s) in the state of __________________, and shall provide proof of such coverage to the ADVERTISER upon request. AIR CARRIER shall indemnify and hold ADVERTISER harmless for all liability related to its operations, other than intellectual property claims identified above.


AIR CARRIER shall receive a fee of $_____________ (______________________________ & _____/100 dollars) per tow. In the event that any tows are canceled due to operational conditions, AIR CARRIER shall contact the ADVERTISER for possible rescheduling. Other than not being paid, AIR CARRIER shall not be liable to the ADVERTISER for any failure to tow banners caused by operational conditions. Said fee shall be paid on a _________________ basis.


ADVERTISER grants to AIR CARRIER a lien on the banner or other properties, which are entrusted to AIR CARRIER to secure payment of its charges.


Any regulations of the FAA or other authorities which are applicable to the provision of these services, as changed from time to time, are be incorporated herein, and in the event of any conflict with the terms herein, the governmental regulations will control. This is the entire agreement between the parties and the same may only be changed in writing.


Dated: ___________________________





_________________________ By Air Carrier





_________________________ By Tower



Banner Towing, Aerial

Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation.  This banner towing agreement can be adjusted to any banner advertising opportunity, such as on a web site, truck, or other related situation.


1.  Make multiple copies.  Give one to each party.



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