Moving House Contract

_________________________, referred to as CONTRACTOR, and _________________________, referred to as OWNER, agree:


OWNER owns a building, of approximately ____________________ square feet, located at ___________________________.


OWNER desires that the building be moved from its present location, ___________________________, to __________________________. The placement of the building at ____________________________ shall be as follows:



CONTRACTOR acknowledges an adequate opportunity to examine the building at its present location and to prepare routes for the moving of the building.


CONTRACTOR shall obtain any and all permits required for the moving of the building. Further, CONTRACTOR shall secure public liability insurance with a minimum limit for property damage of  $__________ (_________________________________________ & __/100 dollars).


CONTRACTOR shall move the building on or before ________________________, and the same shall be delivered on or before ________________________, time being of the essence. In the event of unsuitable weather, the deadline shall be extended by the number of days of unsuitable weather.


CONTRACTOR shall not be responsible for making utility disconnections or connections, or preparation of foundations except as is expressly provided for in writing.


CONTRACTOR shall place the building upon the foundation at the new location and CONTRACTOR’s performance be completed upon placing the building properly on the foundation. No later than the date of the move specified above (________________________).


OWNER shall have caused all utilities to be disconnected, and all chattels or personal property to be removed from the building.


CONTRACTOR shall not be required to commence performance until such preparations are readied, and any dates specified herein shall be extended accordingly.


CONTRACTOR shall use reasonable care to prevent damage to the building, and shall restore any damage caused by the move.


CONTRACTOR shall secure hazard insurance for the building itself in a minimum amount of $__________ (_____ _________________________ ______ & __/100 dollars).


CONTRACTOR shall provide proof of such insurance coverage to OWNER upon request.


OWNER shall pay to CONTRACTOR the total contract price of $__________ (_____________________________________ & __/100 dollars) for the services to be rendered hereunder as follows:




Such sums due shall constitute a lien upon the building. Final payment shall be due no later than

________________________, provided, that OWNER shall not be required to make final payment until CONTRACTOR provides an affidavit to OWNER that all materials and laborers have been paid in full.


Dated: ___________________________




For _________________________ Owner




For ___________________________ Contractor


Moving House Contract

Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation.  This agreement can be modified for most property moves.


  1. Make multiple copies.  Give an original to each signer.  The owner should be sure to have one kept in the real estate files where the moved property resides.



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