Engineering Service Agreement

_________________________, referred to as ENGINEER, and _________________________, referred to as STATION, agree:


ENGINEER shall perform the following services for STATION:



The ENGINEER shall be paid a flat fee of $ ____ (___________________ & _____/100 dollars) for the services described herein, plus parts.


Hours in excess of daily, or after ________________ or before ___________________, shall be compensated at a rate of ______________% percent of the regular rate.


Payment shall be due as follows:



Interest at the rate of _________ percent shall be due per month which any invoice is outstanding beyond the terms stated herein.


The ENGINEER warranties that work performed shall meet Federal Communications Commission regulations and shall constitute good workmanship.


***NO WARRANTY is provided on parts, except for any warranty which

may be provided by the manufacturer or distributor of the product.***


STATION grants to ENGINEER a mechanic’s lien upon any and all equipment or other tangible goods entrusted to ENGINEER to secure the prompt payment of all sums due from the STATION to the ENGINEER. In addition, ENGINEER is granted a security interest in any equipment which charges related to the installation, sale, repair or maintenance of the same are due until the same are paid.


In the event of a failure to pay when due, and upon fifteen (15) days written notice of an intention to do so, which the parties agree shall be considered reasonable notice, ENGINEER may offer for public or prior sale equipment subject to the lien granted herein. In the event that the proceeds of the sale are insufficient to pay the sums due, then the STATION shall be responsible to ENGINEER for any deficiency balance.


STATION appoints ENGINEER as its attorney in fact to execute a financing statement or other notices or documents necessary or deemed necessary by STATION to perfect its lien provided for herein.


STATION agrees to pay all costs of collection and reasonable attorneys fees incurred by ENGINEER in the collection of sums due hereunder.


Any disputes related to or arising out of this agreement shall be resolved by binding arbitration, before a single arbiter, under the rules of the American Arbitration Association.


Dated: __________________________




_________________________________ By Engineer




_________________________ By Station



Engineering Service Agreement

Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation.  This Engineering Agreement can be adapted to most technical jobs done in the Engineering area that relate to media production such as software development and the like.  If an Engineer or small Engineering firm, use this document to firm up details before doing an engagement, to assure payment and proper collection if payment is not made.


1.  Make multiple copies.  Give one to the Engineer or their firm; one for the specific file; keep one in the corporate files.



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