Employee Lending Agreement

___________________, referred to as PRIMARY EMPLOYER, and ___________________, referred to as TEMPORARY EMPLOYER, agree:


PRIMARY EMPLOYER employs ______________ as systems analyst, referred to as EMPLOYEE, at a rate of $____(_______ &___/100 dollars) per ____. TEMPORARY EMPLOYER will employ EMPLOYEE from _____________ to _________________.


During the period in which EMPLOYEE is lent, PRIMARY EMPLOYER shall continue to pay EMPLOYEE, and TEMPORARY EMPLOYER shall reimburse employer for the pay plus ___% percent for overhead and benefits. In addition, TEMPORARY EMPLOYER shall reimburse EMPLOYER for worker’s compensation insurance on EMPLOYEE. In the event that state law or other regulation requires TEMPORARY EMPLOYER to provide worker’s compensation the EMPLOYEE, said regulation shall control.


Dated: ______________________





Temporary Employer.  Federal ID #:





Employer.  Federal ID #:





Employee.  Social Security #:




Employee Lending Agreement

Review List


This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation.  Employee lending has become a standard practice in many industries.  It lets the Temporary Employer use Employees at will without having hiring, firing, and reporting requirements associated with it. This also keeps the temporary employees in a position as suppliers to the employer, who remains a customer.


  1. Make duplicate copies.  Be sure to get the Federal ID and Social Security numbers so you are protected under this arrangement.



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