Credit Card Lost, Proper Notice

Credit Card Number:

Expiration Date:

Exact name on Credit Card:

Last known use or possession or use of card:




Dear Sir or Madam:


This is to inform you promptly that my credit card has been stolen or reported lost.


The pertinent details are listed above.  If you would like a fuller explanation, please contact me by phone at the number on this letterhead.


My apologies in advance for the inadvertent trouble this problem may give you,


With best regards,




Credit Card Holder





Credit Card Lost, Proper Notice

Review List



This review list is provided to inform you about the document in question and assist you in its preparation.  This document is used to give written notice to a credit card issuer that a card is missing.  This is especially important if a Debit Card, because in that instance there is usually no upper limit on your losses.  In the case of a normal credit card, you can be charged no more than $50, and most banks waive even this fee if you act reasonable and in good faith.


The main purpose of prompt behavior is to protect the credit card company’s interest and keep your own credit in good standing by reacting promptly.  The best step is to call the credit card company first; request an address to send a formal letter; then send this letter immediately.  End of story, other than to keep a record so when the next credit card comes you can dispute any unauthorized charges.


In a bad situation, bad charges may persist for months.  You simply must dispute each and every statement, being clear about the unauthorized charges.  You should also take steps to inform any regular chargers to your account, such as newspapers, health club, and other such regular charges, of the new credit card or bank account that will be used in the place of the no longer lost credit card.  Unfortunately, much burden rests upon you to rectify the impact of the lost card.  Just do it.




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