Taxi Cab Business Plan

Most taxi owners get convinced to develop their taxi business plans in the wrong order and usually end up with poor or, even worse, no results.

Most of the sample business plans you find out there focus on the stuff: meters, cars, insurance, office, radio, etc. All these are necessary components for a taxi service, but having all these components doesn’t guarantee you’ll make any money.

You need to understand that having equipment does not equal getting results and making money in this business.

What typically happens is that the taxi business owner recognizes the need for promoting his taxi business. Due to the workload of most taxi business owners, this decision is frequently limited to giving away business cards and is highly influenced by what an advertising salesperson comes with that week. The company selling the advertising comes up with an ad to suit the taxi business owner’s budget. What ad salesperson is selling is ad space and not results.

This is the equivalent of shooting a gun and then aiming afterwards. Not much chance of hitting your target. How do you do it properly? You think about it from the very beginning, at the stage when you are creating your business plan.

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