Rebroadcasting or Rerun Agreement

__________________________________________, Owner of station ____________________, referred to herein as ORIGINATOR, and ________________________________________, owner of station ______________________, referred to as RE-BROADCASTER, agree:


ORIGINATOR produces and broadcasts over station ____________________, a program entitled:



which is broadcast as follows:



ORIGINATOR herewith grants the exclusive right to rebroadcast the program to RE-BROADCASTER.


REBROADCASTER shall be required to carry the program as provided by ORIGINATOR, in full, without addition or deletion, except that commercial continuity and public service announcements may be deleted and replaced. Reasonable station identification or “liner” identification may be added by REBROADCASTER.


The rebroadcast of the program shall be simultaneous or at a later date, as specified as follows:  ___________________________.


Copyright of the program shall remain in the ORIGINATOR.


ORIGINATOR warrants to REBROADCASTER that it has the legal right to authorize the rebroadcast.


In the event that ORIGINATOR does not provide a program, then REBROADCASTER shall:


a) First, substitute any unused backup program provided by ORIGINATOR (although this clause shall not be construed to require that the ORIGINATOR provide backup programs);

b) Second, substitute any unused future program which is not restricted from early broadcast (although this clause shall not be construed to require that the ORIGINATOR provide programs in advance);

c) Third, substitute other programs.


REBROADCASTER shall pay ORIGINATOR a flat fee of $ ___________ or a per time run fee of $ _________________, for the above rights.  These fees shall be due Net 10 days after the date of this Agreement in the case of a flat fee or Net 10 days after each rerunning with the per time agreement.



___________________________                  _______________________  Date:

Originator                                                        Rebroadcaster or Rerunner


Rebroadcasting or Rerun Agreement

Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation.  This Agreement can be used for a variety of re-uses of a single show or just to permit simultaneous use of the same show, video, or other media event.


  1. Make multiple copies.  Give one to each signer; they should keep copies in their project and general corporate files.
  2. Multiple use of the same program defrays costs and is the source of most profit in many media businesses.  Try to make the most of this avenue to boost your profits.


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