Beverage Shave Ice Business Plan

Business Plan for Ice will sell shave ice as its main product, in addition to soft drinks. Ice Dreams will sell shave ice as its main product,  plus iced drinks and smoothies called America.  Shave ice is the best dessert again from the frozen yogurt!  Shave ice is heating up rapidly and shows no signs of cooling.

Shave Ice is much different than a sno-cone that is covered by a small ice machine that shaves and not a sno-cone crushing, which results in ice so fine that it rivals real snow! The snow is placed in a bowl or a cup of quality and flavors of tropical fruits. Because snow is so soft the syrup is held within its soft texture versus settling to the bottom like traditional sno-cones. Since the syrup is absorbed by the snow, should be eaten with a spoon instead of a straw. Because the shaved ice is so soft and made with the thickest, most delicious tropical fruit flavors, which is preferred by adults and children of all ages and ethnicity.

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