Credit Agency Subscription Agreement

This agreement is made this _____ day of ___, 20__, between  ______________________, herein referred to as SUBSCRIBER, and ______________________ herein  referred to as AGENCY.


The term of this agreement shall begin on _____________________ and terminate on _____________________, unless earlier terminated as is provided herein.


AGENCY shall provide credit reports upon the request of  SUBSCRIBER. SUBSCRIBER warrants that all inquiries made shall be either pursuant to written consent from the subject of the inquiry or pursuant to a valid business reason and in conformity with all applicable laws and regulations related to use of credit reports.


SUBSCRIBER agrees to indemnify AGENCY against any claims made against AGENCY for providing a credit report unlawfully to SUBSCRIBER.


SUBSCRIBER may from time to time provide information to AGENCY.  SUBSCRIBER warrants that any information provided by it shall be true and correct and were acquired in a lawful fashion.  SUBSCRIBER shall indemnify AGENCY from any claims related to the information provided by AGENCY. In the event that any challenges are received to the data provided by SUBSCRIBER to agency, SUBSCRIBER shall investigate the challenge and report the results of the verification as soon as possible, but in any event within the time period required by applicable credit laws.


SUBSCRIBER shall pay a fee of $____________ (_____________________________________ & _____/100 dollars) per monthly in advance. In the event that the SUBSCRIBER fails to pay as agreed, AGENCY shall have the right to discontinue service, or, in its option, to accelerate payment of the remaining sums due. Any past due amounts shall bear interest at the highest legal rate.


This agreement shall be subject to the general terms and conditions related to the use or reporting of credit information as published by AGENCY. AGENCY shall provide all services in strict accordance with the applicable laws and regulations related to the provision of commercial or consumer credit reports and will indemnify and hold SUBSCRIBER harmless from any claims related to the performance by AGENCY of reports.


AGENCY may terminate this agreement at any time, if in its sole discretion SUBSCRIBER is or is about to fail to comply with the general terms and conditions relating to the use or reporting of credit reports, or laws or regulations related to the same.


This is the entire agreement between the parties and only a writing executed by both parties hereto may alter this agreement.


Dated: ___________________


For ______________________:


_____________________________________ By Agency


For ______________________:


_____________________________________ By Customer


Credit Agency Subscription Agreement

Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation.  Many service providers have their own agreements which usually are more onerous than the ones we provide for your use and modification.  Since you are the customer, if that is your role in this transaction, then you can decide to use your own agreement.  If you are the service provider, you can adapt this agreement to many other purposes.


1.  Make multiple copies.  Give a signed copy to each party.



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