Job Offer, Acceptance by Prospective Employee



Dear ______________:


This letter confirms our conversation of _______________, in which you extended an offerof employment to me as  ________________________.  I am pleased to accept your offer which I understand to be based on the following terms and conditions:




The general responsibilities of the job are: ____________________________________ and I will be located at _________________________.


I plan to begin work on________________.   My immediate supervisor will be: _____________________.


My beginning annual pay will be $ __________.  In addition, you indicated I would be paid a commission or bonus at a rate or an amount of _________ based upon __________________________.


I understand I will be entitled to the following benefits:  __________________________.


My employment will not be at will.


Thank you for your offer of employment.  I accept your generous offer and look forward to starting work soon.  If I have made any error in my understanding, please let me know right away.


Yours very truly,



New Hire



Job Offer Acceptance, by Employee

Review List


This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation.  This letter confirms the understandings of the parties.  Presenting the whole offer lets the Employer review the totality of the offer and confirm it back to you in writing.  If you are going to start work immediately, you are often better off just showing up for work.  If the start date is off a distance, you should consider sending this letter to formalize your acceptance.


  1. Sign the letter and send it promptly after receiving the job offer.


2.  Follow-up with a phone call in a week or so if you have not heard back from your prospective employer, to be sure you have the job you think you have.





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