Revocation of Wills – Codicils

I, _______________, herewith revoke all previous wills and codicils.


Dated: _______________________





We, the undersigned, witnessed the execution of this document by _______________, and _______________ expressed to us that this document expressed their desires.


___________________________________ Dated: ________________

Witness 1


___________________________________ Dated: ________________

Witness 2


___________________________________ Dated: ________________

Witness 3


STATE OF ______________

COUNTY OF _____________


Before me, the undersigned authority authorized to take acknowledgments and administer oaths, personally appeared:









who after being having duly sworn or affirmed to tell the truth, stated:


1. That ______________ declared this instrument to be the revocation of wills – and Codicils as stated above.

2.  That ______________ signed this instrument in their presence.

3.  That the witnesses signed as witnesses in the presence of ______________ and each other.

4.  That ______________ is well known to the witnesses, and the witnesses believe ______________ to be of lawful age, of sound mind and under no undue influence or constraint.




My Commission Expires: _________________________


Revocation of Wills – Codicils

Review List

This document is provided to inform you about this document and assist you in its preparation.  A revocation typically occurs when someone wishes to extinguish an old will due to a change in beneficiaries.   Such circumstances typically occur after a divorce, remarriage, or similar change in situation.


  1. Make multiple copies.  Keep one in a home safe.  Give one to your lawyer, if you have one.  Give one to your spouse.


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